On the Trail with Marty Seifert and Pam Myhra

I support Marty Seifert for governor. Rural Minnesota is vastly under-represented, and I want to be represented fully. Marty is one of us, not just another one from the metro. He cares about rural...


Pam Myhra has been a truly faithful and dedicated public servant. Now, it is our turn to support Pam Myhra. Vote for Marty Seifert and Pam Myhra in the August 12 primary!



I’ll be a governor who understands family budgets just as well as the state budget. My door will always be open, and I promise to travel the state extensively, just as our leaders used to do. I’m...


Take a listen to Marty Seifert's appearance on Twin Cities News Talk Thursday morning with Jack and Ben.



Marty Seifert undoubtedly felt right at home at Farmfest on Tuesday and by all accounts excelled in the GOP gubernatorial debate with his clear homefield advantage, and it's his true rural roots...

Marty Seifert | Real Minnesota Leadership

Republicans statewide are ready for a candidate with the right values and leadership experience to defeat Mark Dayton and make our government work for the people again.


Mark Dayton is out of touch with Minnesota families and businesses. Marty Seifert understands how his policies are hurting family budgets and state budgets and how to fix it.

Pam Myhra | Lt. Governor

State Representative Pam Myhra is a middle-class suburban mom from Burnsville, MN. She has been a strong leader in the legislature on Early Childhood, Education and Tax issues. She is a coalition builder, defeating a multi-term, entrenched Democrat in a swing district to serve in the Minnesota House while outperforming the rest of the GOP ticket.

Happy 10th birthday to Braxton today! It's been a great year!

Dec 30

Merry Christmas to everyone. We are blessed to live in such a great state!

Dec 25

Congratulations to all of our great candidates who worked so hard this year. I was honored to help candidates all over the state and very excited to see a lot of the new GOP members in the House of Representatives that are good friends. Remember as you take office and for the duration of your term that you are the servant and the people are your boss, not the other way around.

Nov 6

Reminder to get out and vote today!

Nov 4

It was great to introduce Torrey Westrom and Chris Swedzinski to college students and community members at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall.

Oct 29

Tweets from Marty

Discovered a very old oversize map of southwestern MN that I bought many years ago. Guessing it to be 1873 to 1880. http://t.co/bL07VTTHtc

Tweets from Pam

Make sure you head out to vote today for @SeifertMN and me! RT @NSMatychuk: I voted! @seifertmn @MyhraMN :)
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